Tencent Gaming Buddy, originally made for PUBG mobile, that allows user to play Android games on their PC. By using this emulator, people have contact with a keyboard and a mouse. These emulator tools give the user a competitive edge.

Android for your computer

Tencent GameLoop the old version Tencent Game Assistant & Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator that’s been upgraded and given a new name. This was one of the best Android emulators present in the market.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Download

Tencent gaming buddy free download

Tencent provides superior controls and excellent gaming experience for its users. Buddy developed by Tencent, the official Android emulator for Tencent Games particularly for PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground). PUBG mobile is one of the most famous games of all time up till now. Tencent’s Gaming Buddy aimed to provide the best gaming experience to their user. .

Your Pc work well with both high-end & low-end condition with Tencent Gaming Buddy. Everybody has access to this high-end Tencent gaming buddy for pc emulator. Its prerequisite is a Dual-Core processor. Tencent has a variety of functions, one of them is to record your gameplay so that you can stream your experience. For a better viewing experience, the full-screen option is also available in Tencent’s emulator. Switch between Ultra-HD, Full- HD or HD while using the Tencent Gaming Buddy pubg.

Features & Details

The software has User-friendly gaming, available in both Chinese and English. Windows users can get pleasure from playing games on their PC’s comfortably. The emulator includes a default mapping system for controls. So that you can time and don’t do the mapping. Compatibility and performance are on a whole new level of Tencent gaming buddy pubg.

Tencent gaming buddy for mac

Tencent buddy may give off an impression of being puzzling since PUBG Mobile is fundamentally a flexible adjustment of the primary PC game regardless. Regardless, there are different complexities among PUBG and PUBG Mobile that make the two games stand-out.

The most apparent complexity is cost. PUBG Mobile is free, clearing the best limit of the segment for most players around the world. With Tencent Gaming Buddy you can hoodwink the two universes. In the event that you’re one of the 350 million PUBG Mobile players around the world and happen to be scanning for the best PUBG Mobile emulator out there, look no further. Tencent Gaming Buddy is the best way to deal with play PUBG Mobile on PC. you can download Tencent gaming buddy.

Tencent gaming buddy requirements

RAM                                                                    minimum 2GB

Processor                                                           Core i3

LICENSE                                                             Free

OS                                                                       Windows 10, 8.1,7, vista 

LANGUAGE                                                        English

DEVELOPER                                                      Gameloop


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