Microsoft PowerPoint free download for window is the most helpful and extraordinary presentation software tool in the marketplace. Microsoft PowerPoint is designed for PC, Laptop or Tablet. So you can easily make your presentations on your fingertips.

Microsoft PowerPoint free download

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All the editing tools of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 free download filehippo a user would suppose of an Office product, like an extraordinary collection of presentation-specific options, such as animations & transitions. Users can also insert and alter a range of other non-text elements, such as audio, video, pictures, graphs and hypertext. Microsoft PowerPoint supports drag and drops features, creation totaling information and interesting elements to your presentation particularly effortless.


Microsoft PowerPoint Workshop Objectives

At the end of the lessons, candidates should be able to:

Microsoft PowerPoint free download for windows 10  apart from the Microsoft text editors/documents group and can license as freeware or shareware for Windows 64-bit and 32-bit system. So possibly use as a free trial earlier than the trial period might finish. The Microsoft PowerPoint expression is available to all Microsoft users. As Microsoft PowerPoint free download with possible limits compared with the whole version.

So you can create presentations for Business, school or other work, it can make your hold on the device. If you do not like the previous edition, yet. There is no way here in order to modify your thoughts. In the incident, you’re interested in free alternatives. You might choose to download Free Slideshow Maker or even Prezi. This type of user should require assistance; on the Microsoft PowerPoint pro download Support website, you’ll find video tutorials and support.


To improve the visual outlook & quality of the display you can Microsoft PowerPoint free download for windows 7. Users may insert color collection artwork, import photos or utilize a drag and drop feature, brightness, change the contrast. There are a variety of color tools to improve the output of your presentation Microsoft PowerPoint free download filehippo.

Microsoft PowerPoint Filehippo Features

Design like a professional—in seconds

PowerPoint download free Designer make high standard modified presentations by providing design options that help the user modified the visual impact of their presentation, in two simple steps. Add a picture and select their favorite.

Cinematic motion, in one click

Morph makes it simple to produce a flowing motion with modest to no effort, bringing their dream to life. Easley replica the slides which users want to be morphed together, shift the items based on how they would like to animated, and clicks Morph.

Stay focused

Utilize Presenter vision in Office 2016 rehearse & review their presentations. When user projects their presentation to a second screen, Presenter vision displays their speaker notes, current slide and the next slide in their deck.

Stay flexible

Users can speedily switch slides—in or out of order—from a visual grid With Slide Navigator viewable to you at a glance. The user’s audience can view only the slide user selected.

Stay in control

User project their presentation to a second screen with auto-extend, their slides automatically show on the correct screens. No fumbling with equipment & settings.

Start in sync

User can save their presentations online on SharePoint or OneDrive by default. So when users sends a link to their MS PowerPoint file everyone, along with screening and editing permissions, if they’ll have the latest edition install PowerPoint 2016.

Work in sync

Coauthor with user team on the identical presentation at the same time, whether they using the PowerPoint Online or on their PC.

Stay in sync

Reply & Add to comments from their tablet, phone or PC/Mac, right next to the slide that they discussing. Everybody can observe who replies to whom.


SYSTEM REQUIREMENT Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 free Download VIEWER

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Microsoft PowerPoint free download for windows 10

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