Baidu Browser download application is a free internet browser for operating system devices running Windows 7 and above. Previously known as Baidu Spark Browser, the web-based application runs on the Chromium platform like Chrome.

Baidu Browser Free Download

Baidu Browser download is fast, lightweight, and has a customizable interface.

Baidu Browser Free Download


The instinctive browser also comes with a diversity of unique characteristics, with gesture control, built-in media download and torrent client, and video pop-up player, amongst others. The browser comes revamped with security characteristics and is also accessible to Android people.

Lightweight, fast, and secure

Leaving behind its privacy concerns, the latest edition of Baidu comes with different characteristics, a changeable and attractive UI, as well as revamped security. Chromium Based, the application is very easy to download, lightweight, and fast. One of the reasons behind its growing famously is the increase in the number of interesting characters that it has to offer.

People have the option to capture screenshots, download media files, easily integrate with social media sites like Facebook, and do a lot more. Moreover, Baidu’s intuitive interface offers various capabilities missing in other web browsers. It comes prepared with the torrent downloader, an in-built virus scanner, and which make browsing, ads blocker, and downloading, a fast and seamless experience.

Offers a familiar and customizable interface

Baidu Browser application is powered by the Chromium program, a similar engine used by Google Chrome. Consequently, everyone who has used Chrome will find the web browser very familiar. It has a comparable interface with a major central search box, a sidebar, and a flexible omnibar. People can get rid of the sidebar with a single click, or explore other browser characteristics like tools, bookmarks, history, and incognito mode.

The top of the interface consists of a set of in-built tools like video download and screenshot capture, which set Baidu Spark apart from other web browsers. Moreover, it also gives people the option to change the color of the browser. All users need to do is choose from a set of skins to give the browser a more youthful appearance. The button to change skins is expediently located beside the new tab bar.

Control the web browser using gestures

Whereas Baidu Browser offers the entire characteristic that user expect from a standard web browser, it does offer some intuitive add-ons that set it apart. One such feature is gesture control, which allows people to carry out different operations by only swiping the mouse or right-clicking.

Though it may not seem like much, it does save time when user is browsing. Once user pass the learning curve, using different functions becomes very easy. User can open a new tab, go forward or back, refresh the page, and complete a dozen operations by swishing the mouse right and left.

Directly download torrents from the browser

If the user regularly downloads torrents, the user will appreciate the simplicity of this integrated feature. Baidu Spark Browser comes with in-built Torrent Software, so people never have to download a separate torrent downloader tool. All users need to do is find the file user want, and download the torrent directly from the Baidu Browser. The download tool is also deliberately placed at the top of the web browser.

Capture screenshots or clips from the web

Baidu Browser application is an exceptional tool for designers and researchers, as it allows them to take screenshots of web pages. Users can easily download specific sections or entire web pages – even those sections that don’t fit on the page. Users can share these pictures with people directly from the browser or annotate them before downloading them.

Additionally, the web browser also has a fixed Media Downloader, which allows different people to easily download audio or video clips from the web, directly onto their operating system. Using the integrated downloader application is quite simple and can be done with only some clicks.

Experience a range of additional characteristic

Apart from the entire characteristic mentioned above, Baidu Browser comes with a range of additional functions. It has a handy Mute All Tabs option, to stop all unwanted auto-play audio, along with a button to restore all closed tabs, an essential feature if users are prone to closing tabs accidentally. Users can easily open videos and pictures in another tab by dragging and dropping them in the New Tab bar.

The web browsing application also comes with a arise button, which opens web videos in an additional operating system. By separating pop-up videos from other pages, Baidu makes it much easier for people to land on what they were watching, without having to go look for it in different tabs or windows. Furthermore, if people experience a browsing issue, the built-in Browser Doctor quickly diagnoses and provides a solution.

In case the user decides to switch to Baidu Browser, the user can easily use the account syncing functionality. Users can log in using user Google account and automatically transfer user history, plugins, bookmarks, and other settings. Once the user logs out, the browser reverts to its original settings.

Is the Baidu Browser application secure?

The Baidu Spark internet browser comes with a built-in virus scanner, which prevents people from visiting harmful websites or downloading malicious data. Furthermore, it prevents online applications from changing any security and privacy settings. Separately from scanning different viruses, the Baidu browser also comes with Adware Block, which blocks all ads and therefore increases browsing speed.

Are there any alternatives?

Whereas Baidu Browser comes equipped with intuitive characteristics, it does have serious competition. In case the user desire to check out alternatives, the user could try Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Opera.

Should I download Baidu Browser?

Yes, Baidu Browser download is a fast and efficient web browser that offers different characteristics that is not available in other internet browsers. It is a free download and a great alternative to Google Chrome. Baidu application comes included with social media websites, and also offers ad-blocker, an in-built torrents downloader, and a virus scanner.

Furthermore, user can modify the interface by varying its color, use mouse gestures to navigate the web browser, or download video and audio files from across the web, immediately. The Chromium-based web browser is tremendously fast, maintains solitude, and offers different functionalities – these entire combined, make Baidu Browser Free Download worth trying!

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