360 Total Security Free Download

360 Total Security Free Download is a free antivirus that provides a unified solution Download 360 total security for pc security and utility. Download the best optimization tools and full protection from viruses, malware, and other emerging online threats now.

Total Security 360 Antivirus Free Download

Free Download 360 Total Security is fully integrated with Windows 10. Check Windows Tiles or stay informed with the latest security news and threats to find out your security status.

Total Security 360 Antivirus Free Download


360 overall security for Mac

There are threats wherever there is an internet connection. 360 Antivirus for Mac protects you from identity theft and phishing. Use junk clean and app removal to ensure the health and lightness of your Mac. like K7 Total Security.

360 requires total security

360 Total Security Essential includes 5 antivirus engines and multiple layers for real-time protection. Use the Sandbox feature to isolate vulnerable programs from your PC.

360 Mining Anti-Defense

With the development of digital currency and blockchain technologies, most websites make money by installing a cryptomer instead of advertising. If you visit a website with a built-in cryptominator script, bursting CPU usage may crash your system or result in your PC’s performance. Implementation of Anti-Mining Protection Mining Script makes the system run smoothly and prevents performance impact through crypto mining.

360 Internet protection

360 Internet Protection Browser plugin uses cloud-based technology to check the security of the sites you visit, compare them to the malicious URL database, and alert you in real-time to protect you from malicious sites.


Multiple-Engine Antivirus Protection

It is one of the best, complete, and effective free antivirus programs applications available and protects you from threats you may encounter online.

Virus protection and more

360 total security free download for pc windows 10 uses five antivirus engines including Cloud Engine, CVMII, Avira, and Bitdefender. Scanning your PC for threats is fast and we are impressed by its attention to detail.

There is also an optional browser extension in 360 Total Security that lets you know if any pages you visit are malicious. This sounds like overkill to us, because most browsers today warn you if the site isn’t safe or dangerous.

Use it carefully

Speed-up and clean-up features are mixed blessings. Both work, but they are not user-friendly. You can find during the cleanup, which suggests deleting files that cannot be deleted because they are in use, which is annoying.

After running Speed ​​Up we had to reinstall Google Chrome because it made changes to us without warning, which means Chrome no longer works.

Easy to use and not intrusive

The overall security of the 360 ​​is really simple, easy to navigate with a clear interface. It describes what each feature does and is easy to configure. If you are looking for an intrusive antivirus solution and allow yourself to continue doing what you are doing, 360 Total Security is a good option.

Pros and Cons of 360 Total Security


  • Free and complete
  • Good interface
  • Uninstrusive


  • It Turns on all antivirus engines uses numbers of RAM
  • It helps to Clean and Speeds Up tools



Total Security 360 Antivirus Free Download

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