Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool Free Download

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool free download On the off chance that you are encountering issues installing Adobe CC Cleaner Tool applications, the Creative Suite (CS3CS6) applications, Photoshop Elements or Adobe Premiere Elements than the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool likely will resolve these issues.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool

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The  Download Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool developed by Adobe is for serving to completely clear install files produced by Download Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool for Windows 10 or the Creative Suite application that may have been ruined or are causing issues with your new Adobe establishment.


Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner

This application is fundamentally helpful on the off chance that you as of now are running or in the past have run any prerelease Adobe program and now need to evacuate it Creative Cloud & Creative Suite. If your framework is revealing issues associating with Adobe servers the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool Download as often as possible fixes this when it expels ‘host files’ as a major aspect of its tidy up process. These documents can here and there block access to Adobe programming and servers.

How to run the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool

  • First of all, back up all your data stored within the Adobe product folders consisting of any custom plug-ins or profiles you have.
  • Uninstall or remove all Creative Cloud or Creative Suite applications
    • Right-click the Start button > Select ‘Apps and Features’
    • Remove the program you want to remove and click ‘Uninstall’ > Follow on-screen instructions > Repeat the process each Adobe program.
    • Reboot you PC


  • Download the Created Cloud Cleaner tool from the internet.
  • If you are asked to download or save the file, select ‘Save File’ and then choose a location to save your file.
  • Find the AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool.exe then right-click on it and select ‘Run as administrator’
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
    • Choose a language: Type “e” for English and  then press Enter key
    • Go through the Adobe End-User License then Type “y” to accept or “n” to reject then press  theEnter key
    • Enter the number that resembles the option you want to select then press the Enter key
    • Approve you would like to execute the operation: enter“y” then press the Enter key.

Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool

Host files: If your main issue with the Adobe applications Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool for Mac is a failure to connect to Adobe servers then you need to run option 12 ‘Fix Host File’. Enter 12 to pick host files option then press the enter key, type “y” and press the Enter key again. The download cc cleaner tool adobe now makes a backup of the host’s files named “hosts_bkup” just in case you want to revert if an issue occurs.

Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool

When you see the message “Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool completed successfully” press the Enter key and reboot your computer.

Once you signed in back to Windows, if you want to confirm the successful completion of the operation, you can view the log file in a text editor. The log is located in “C: Users\[username]”

Whenever you are ready, Install Creative Cloud or the Creative Suite programs.


Download Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool Latest Version

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