Adobe Photoshop Free Download for Windows

Adobe Photoshop Free Download for Windows is a  graphics editor that developed and published by Adobe Inc. for Windows and MAC operating systems. It was initially created in 1988 by John Knoll and Thomas.

Adobe Photoshop Free Download for Windows

Photoshop Free Download for Windows software has become the trade standard not only in raster graphics editing but also in digital art. Photoshop can edit and compose images in different layers and supports masks, alpha compositing, and several different color models.


Adobe Photoshop Free Download for Windows

This software uses its own PSD and PSB file formats to support these characteristics. In addition to these graphics, this application has limited skills to edit or provide text and vector graphics, as well as 3D graphics and video are also operated. Its feature set can be expanded by programs developed and scattered independently of Adobe Photoshop that run inside it and offer new features.

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Photoshop free download for pc naming scheme was originally based on edition numbers. However, in Oct 2002, each new version of Adobe Photoshop was nominated with “CS” plus a number; e.g., the 8 major edition of Photoshop was Photoshop CS and the 9th was Photoshop CS2. Photoshop CS3 through CS6 was also circulated in 2 different versions, the one is Standard, and the other is extended. With the beginning of the Creative Cloud product in June 2013, Adobe Photoshop’s licensing scheme was changed to that of a software application as a service rental model.

Adobe Photoshop Free Download for Windows 7

File format

Adobe Photoshop free download for windows 7 default file extension in photoshop software free download for pc files is. PSD, which stands for “Photoshop Document”. A PSD file stores the image with support for most imaging options available in Photoshop. These include masks, transparency, text, alpha channels and spot colors, clipping paths, and duotone settings. This is in contrast to many other file formats (e.g, .JPG or .GIF) that restrict content to provide streamlined, usable functionality.


Adobe Photoshop for pc free download full version files sometimes have file extension PSB, which is “Photoshop Big” (also known as “large document format”). A PSB file extends the PSD file format, increasing the maximum height and width to 300,000 pixels and the length limit to 4 Exabytes. The measurement threshold was chosen arbitrarily by Adobe, not based on computer arithmetic limitations (which is closer to two power at 30,000 power) but for software testing convenience. PSD and PSB formats documented.

Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows 10

Due to the popularity of Photoshop, PSD files are widely used and supported by most competing software, including open-source/free software such as GIMP. The .PSD file format can be exported from other applications of Adobe, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

Download Adobe Photoshop for free full version


When you open Photoshop, a sidebar with a range of tools with multiple editing functions of the image, appears to the left side of the screen. These tools usually fall under the categories of measuring, drawing, painting, navigation, selection, typing, and retouching. Some of these tools contain a very small triangle in the bottom right corner of the toolbox icon. These can be extended to disclose similar tools. While these newer versions of Adobe Photoshop are updated to include new tools and features, several frequent tools that exist in the most edition are discussed below.

Pen tool

Clone stamp tool

Shape tools

Measuring and navigation

Selection tools






Magic wand


Video editing

3D extrusion

Mobile integration

Camera raw

3D printing tools

Color replacement tool

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Adobe Photoshop Free Download for Windows Latest Version

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