Microsoft Excel free download for Windows

Microsoft Excel free download is a spreadsheet program comes with the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Excel download filehippo Spreadsheets will give you the qualities organized in lines and segments that can be changed numerically utilizing both fundamental and complex math tasks.

Microsoft Excel Free Download for Windows

MS Excel free download notwithstanding the standard spreadsheet highlights, Excel offers programming support by means of Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the capacity to get to information from outer sources through Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). Microsoft Excel is Digital Spreadsheet Program for PC.

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MS Excel free download is fit for making and altering spreadsheets that are saved with a .xls or .xlsx file format. General uses of Excel incorporate cell-based figuring, rotate tables, and different diagramming devices. For example, with a Microsoft excel accounting software free download spreadsheet, you could make a month to month spending plan, track operational expenses, or sort and arrange a lot of information.

In comparison to a word workstation, for example, Microsoft Word, the Excel reports comprise of sections and lines of information, made up of individual cells. Download excel for mac Every one of these cells can contain either message or numerical qualities that can be determined by utilizing equations.

Microsoft Excel Features and Highlights

  • Trouble-free Spreadsheet creation – Manage all sizes of spreadsheets files, from school or personal documents to government databases program.
  • Extensive toolset – Take benefit from most highly developed toolset present in current spreadsheet software, including complex formulas, lookup formulas, pivot tables, sorting, charts & filtering data, structural references, conditional formatting, data analysis, data explorer, macros, VBA, automation and much more.
  • Analytics – Gain expensive insight from built-in analytics tools.


  • Audit Trail – path changes in audit files using the integrated analysis and Track Changes tools.
  • highly developed calculations – Data analysis & Take financial to an entire new level.
  • Charting – picture data with a broad array of charts that can be exported to further apps from the Office group.
  • Multi-user teamwork – Office 365 combination enables all users of Excel to simply share their documents and work in partnership.
  • Templates – Simplify file creation with prevailing and customizable template offerings.
  • Microsoft Excel latest version free download filehippo.

Why do people use Excel?

There are several reasons for the user may utilize MS Excel download for pc (spreadsheet software). For instance, a society may utilize Excel to monitor their costs. Excel is normally used to compose information and perform money related investigation. It is utilized overall business capacities and at organizations from little to huge.

The major uses of MS Excel free download for windows 10 include Data management, Data entry, Accounting, Charting, Financial analysis, and graphing, Programming, Task management, Time management, Financial modeling, etc.


Different versions of MS Excel released by Microsoft till date:

Microsoft Excel download free full version was initially released in the year 1985 for Macintosh systems, followed by the earliest Windows version in 1987 Microsoft excel download free full version filehippo. The recent edition of excel includes:

  • Excel 2.0 (1987)
  • Excel 3.0 (1990)
  • Excel 4.0 (1992) – Included in Microsoft Office 3.0
  • Excel 5.0 (1993) – Included in Microsoft Office 4.0
  • Download Excel 95  – Included in Microsoft Office 95
  • Download Excel 97  – Included in Microsoft Office 97
  • Download Excel 2000 – Included in Microsoft Office 2000
  • Download Excel 2002 – Included in Microsoft Office XP
  • Download Excel 2003 – Included in Microsoft Office 2003
  • Download Excel 2007 – Included in Microsoft Office 2007
  • Download Excel 2010  – Included in Microsoft Office 2010
  • Download Excel 2013  – Included in Microsoft Office 2013
  • Download Excel 2016  – Included in Microsoft Office 2016
  • Download Excel 2019  – Included in Microsoft Office 2019/Office 365

Microsoft Excel latest version free download

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