Microsoft Office 2019 Free Download

Microsoft Office 2019 Free Download is the current version of Microsoft Office, Productivity Suite, after Office 2016. It was released on September 24, 2018, for general availability for Windows 10 and MacOS. Some features previously limited to Office 365 subscribers are available in this release.

Microsoft Office 2019 Download

Microsoft Office 2019 Download for Windows 10 introduces on 27 April 2018, MS released Office 2019 Commercial Preview for Windows 10. In 2018, MS released a preview for MacOS.

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Microsoft Office 2019 is the next version of Microsoft Office Suite. It was released in October 2018 and the preview version was available before that, in the second quarter of the same year. It includes servers in previous suites (such as Office 2016 and Office 2013), including Skype for Business, SharePoint, and Exchange, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Office 2019 Requirements

You need Windows 10 to install the new suite. The main reason for this is that Microsoft wants to update its Office applications twice a year from now, as well as they currently update Windows 10. For all this to work smoothly, the technology needs to mesh.

Additionally, previous versions of Microsoft Office aim to eventually eliminate them because they are no longer in cadence twice a year. Microsoft Office 2019 download free is looking for almost all of their software for this schedule.

If you are allowed to install Windows updates, you will have the most up-to-date versions of both Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2019. Microsoft also said they will support Office 2019 for five years and then extend it for about two years. This means you can buy Office 2019 now and use it for some time until 2026. You can also use Microsoft Office 2019 Linux version.

New features

The WWP version of One Note with Windows 10 replaces it with One Note Suite. OneNote 2016 can be installed as an optional feature in Office Installer.


For the Mac users, 2D maps are brought to Excel, Focus mode is brought to Word, and new morph transitions and 4K video exports come to PowerPoint.

The new user Interface in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint is only available to the user Office 365, not to permanent Office 2019 licenses.

Microsoft Office 2019 Deployment

Office 2019 requires Windows 10 or MacOS Sierra. MacOS installations can be obtained from the Microsoft website or the Mac App Store. For Office 2013 and 2016, various editions featuring client applications are available in click-to-run and traditional installer setup formats.

For Office 2019, client applications only have a click-to-run installer, and server apps only have a traditional MSI installer.

Office 2019 has five years of mainstream support, but unlike Office 2016, which has five years of extended support, Office 2019 has only two. Mainstream support ends October 10, 2023, extended support ends October 14, 2025.

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